Access Asia Group announces launch of Access Mining

The first corporate intelligence, political risk and due diligence service specialized for the mining sector

VANCOUVER: Access Asia Group is pleased to announce the launch of Access Mining – the first corporate intelligence service specialised for the mining sector. Launched by Singapore-based Access Asia, Access Mining will be located in Vancouver, Canada – a global hub for the mining industry.

Mining firms ranging from Junior Exploration to Majors operate in some of the world’s most lucrative but challenging, high-risk jurisdictions. Investment in the mining segment is increasing rapidly and with it, companies will be faced with unprecedented challenges from governments, local partners, vendors and regulators. Access Asia brings over 12 years’ experience in high-risk markets and the mining sector:

“The nine-year-long mining recession is over and natural resources are becoming the most exciting sector in the market. But along with these opportunities come risk as resource companies expand into countries where political instability, corruption, fraud and regulatory harassment are a factor. Access Mining brings expert information and intelligence to protect assets, reputations and people,” said George McLeod, who heads the new practice.

McLeod has over 20 years’ experience in developing markets and the mining sector. He served as regional head of corporate intelligence for PwC and as a business and political journalist and is frequently quoted in major international news outlets.

“We are thrilled to launch Access Mining focusing on the most exciting sector rising in the economy today. As a Canadian who has worked for years in the developing world – I look forward to helping miners take full advantage of opportunities both domestically and internationally,” said Nelson Rand founder of Access Asia. Rand is a seasoned Southeast Asia political and corporate risk expert with over 20 years’ experience that includes work with the Canadian foreign service. He is a published author and holds a Master’s Degree in Asia Pacific Policy Studies from the University of British Columbia.

Access Mining offers a full suite of services to mining companies:

  • Proprietary, forward-looking analysis on political developments, regulatory changes, disputes and unrest.
  • Due diligence on political and business individuals including partners, vendors and government-relations.
  • On-the-ground assessments of local, NGO sentiment and site visits to assess exploration results.
  • Searches for corporate records, criminal records, blacklists, offshore accounts, and property records.

For more information, contact:

George McLeod

Mobile: 604 786 8975

Managing Partner