Access Mining


Access Mining

Mining firms operate in some of the world’s most lucrative but challenging, high-risk jurisdictions. As investment in the mining segment increases rapidly, companies face unprecedented challenges from governments, local partners, vendors and regulators.

We offer specialized services to mining clients:

Due diligence on partners and acquisition targets  

Access Mining offers a full suite of services to examine the background, reputation, track record and probity of companies and individuals. Through a wide network of on-the-ground sources, proprietary database searches, local language online/media searches and records checks, Access Mining’s investigations help level the playing field in even the most difficult environments.

Vendor and client screening

Billions of dollars goes missing every year from fraud and malfeasance from vendors and clients. Access Mining has decades of experience that includes background checks and screening to uncover possible conflicts of interest, related party issues between vendors and employees; fraud and corruption.

Background checks on business figures and political players

The mining sector is a ‘high government touch point’ sector requiring extensive permitting and dealings with political and business figures. And in countries with unstable systems, aligning with a political figure entails risks if government changes. Even supposedly-reliable government affairs officers can have political ‘baggage’ that puts a company at risk. Access Mining has a wide contact network that helps companies understand political risks and how to mitigate them.

On-the-ground assessments of local and NGO sentiment

Mining companies are under increasing scrutiny for environmental and social conduct. In both developed and developing countries, relations with local stakeholders can make or break a project. Access Mining provides high-quality information on local risks and mitigation strategies.

Record searches

Access Mining can tap an extensive array of local and international records. These include corporate registration that identify company directors, shareholders and related parties; property records, freedom-of-information requests and international blacklists.

Site visits to assess exploration results

Much of any project’s viability rests on the results of its exploration programme. The independence and reliability of local contractors is therefore critical. Access Mining has long-standing experience to assess the integrity of an exploration programme and its players.