Brand Protection & IP Enforcement

Confidential intellectual property investigations designed to protect IP rights

What we offer

We provide specialized brand protection and IP enforcement programs in selective jurisdictions across Southeast Asia. Our programs are customized to the needs of our clients and employ multiple teams of experienced investigators supported by our local legal partners. We provide our clients with a clear understanding of the extent of the infringement problem and deliver practical solutions to mitigate future violations and implement long-term solutions.

Our approach

For brand protection, our programs typically focus on anti-counterfeiting and begin with a comprehensive market survey to identify the scale of the counterfeit problem and its geographic profile. We then provide an overall assessment that includes identifying the market dynamics of the problem. This is followed by an in-depth investigation focusing on key infringers, areas, or other aspects uncovered in the market survey. This stage includes gathering intelligence on the supply chain, distribution network, wholesalers, and production base. Evidence is collected following legally admissible practices and a clear chain of product custody provided that allows legal recourse and/or police enforcement. Using evidence collected and assisted by local legal counsel, police raids can then be arranged on specific counterfeit operations or broader market clearance operations. Finally, ongoing monitoring of potential infringements and – in specific jurisdictions – collaboration with customs officials can be organized to prevent further infringements.

Our Intellectual Property (IP) investigations and enforcement helps clients protect their copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets, including enforcement activities to transfer violators into customers. We maintain a team of experienced investigators across Southeast Asia who are highly skilled at obtaining actionable intelligence on IP violations. We utilize both client-provided leads as well as those we generate, and can accurately identify the non-complaint entities and their principals, understand their network associations, and collect clear and legally admissible evidence. Detailed information is provided to our clients so they have all the information, context and evidence needed to choose the right course of action.