Insurance Investigation Support

Insurance Investigation Support

Customized, on-the-ground investigations
of branch operations and conduct

What we offer

We provide investigative support for insurance companies to assist in complex investigations or other cases in which in-house capabilities may be over-stretched, insufficient, or in which an independent vendor is required. Typically, our investigations focus on insurance fraud (including ghost policies and ghost agents), employee misconduct, conflict of interest, fraudulent commission schemes, and claims.

Our Approach

Our investigative teams employ a variety of overt and covert methods depending on the case, including data analysis; discreet enquiries; interviews with whistle-blowers, customers, agents or other relevant persons; customer surveys; checks with hospitals, police and other officials; policy and signature analysis; sting operations; and surveillance. Our investigative teams in each jurisdiction include investigators or consultants with direct previous experience in the insurance sector who are familiar with local issues and who have high-level contacts in the industry.